Owned and operated by Kirk Oddy and Mike Johnson, Chempac provides an impeccable and professional service, striving to exceed all customers’ requirements. Putting its customers first and going above and beyond has been part of why Chempac is the leader in its industry.

Kirk Oddy, has a background in the food manufacturing and consumer chemical industries; with over 25 years of production management experience, Kirk brings product knowledge, production management, warehousing and logistic skills that will ensure Chempac continually offers quality, service and value from a production point.

Mike Johnson with an Information Systems background handles compliance and regulatory management, new product development and innovation and design. Ensuring customers expectations are meet with the highest quality.

With the benefit of over 25 years in the packaged products industry, Chempac Clients benefit from having the company Principals directly responsible for and working on the job themselves.

Meeting and Exceeding all MPI, Bio-security and Regulatory Standards, Attention to detail, confidentiality and having a range of services to offer each Client has meant that Chempac’s business has been able to grow to keep pace with the demands placed upon it.

Never compromising professionalism but ensuring that the personal approach is foremost has seen Chempac create beneficial working partnerships with all of its Clients.

Delivering packing and manufacturing solutions through innovation.